Academia, science, and society suffer from a history of exclusionary and hateful practices. I recognize that sexist, racist, xenophobic, and other hateful attitudes are pervasive, and am committed to actively opposing them. As a researcher, educator, and mentor, I am committed to taking concrete actions to dismantle structural racism, eliminate discriminatory and exclusionary policies, and equalize access to information and opportunities. This commitment includes:

  • Recruiting, welcoming, fostering, and celebrating trainees from diverse socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds, including black, indigenous, people of color, women, individuals self-identifying as LGBTQIA+, veterans, differently-abled individuals, economically disadvantaged groups, and intersections among these categories.
  • Establishing a safe and inclusive environment where where trainees feel empowered to share their opinions with one another and their mentors
  • Encouraging respectful discourse, constructive criticism, and open sharing of concerns
  • Collaborating with, nominating, and advancing others equitably
  • Listening to, amplifying, and advocating for diverse trainees and peers
  • Acting against racist, oppressive, and exclusionary words, actions, and power structures

In achieving this commitment, it is essential to acknowledge the privileges associated with my race, gender identity, educational background, and professional position, and to leverage my privilege to the benefit of others. It is also my responsibility to recognize the different experiences of my trainees and peers so that how I carry out these actions is compatible with each individual’s context. When I make mistakes, I commit to educate myself and learn from them. By performing intentional and informed actions, it is my goal to foster an environment that embraces diverse socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds and empowers everyone to succeed

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